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The world leaders in Green Yachts!


NEW : Yacht Conversion!

Super exciting exclusive opportunity to own a SWATH Superyacht with two immediately available Lockheed Martin designed SWATH hulls for Unmatched Superyacht Comfort at Sea:


Lockheed Martin's 30 knot capable 4 hull 105 x55ft SLICE to be quickly completed as a Bentley Yachts Vectra for USD 8 Million.

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Own the very best in the world!

Lockheed Martin designed 200ft Water Jet powered Variable Draft, Ice Class SWATH built in 2010. Get your Superyacht to the beach and unload your toys and boats with the hydraulic ramp! Bargain USD 25 Million for complete project with 12 month delivery. It cost USD 80 Million to built it in 2010. Ship is brand new!
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    Need a large pool for your Superyacht or considering building a Shadow Yacht to carry your toys around the world?

     Yacht Boutique, the leaders in yacht innovation, brings you another first: The awesome 63ft, 100 ton, Rolls-Royce Powered, Luxury Amphibian Recreational Craft:


  Coming soon to a dock near you!


Check out our  BENTLEY MARINE XS-100 Two and Three Persons Sport SUBMARINES

Welcome to Yacht Boutique & BENTLEY YACHTS WebSite!

The most technologically advanced yachts ever: BENTLEY YACHTS!

Yacht Boutique offers the best personalized service in the industry for Yacht Charter, technical consultancy, refits, managing and marketing of Superyachts.

Our 1.2 Billion Yacht Portfolio, the largest in the industry, with over 40 exciting BENTLEY YACHTS ranging from 32ft to over 420ft continues to grow with the addition of three new Yacht Designers to our world Team, bringing you the most advanced hulls in the yacht industry, such as hydrofoils, Air cavity, SWATH, Wave Piercing Catamarans and Trimarans, Wing in Ground Effect and many others you find it only here!

The extraordinary 115ft BENTLEY YACHTS Manta Wave Piercing Trimaran is the fastest Superyacht on the water, it partially uses Wing In Ground effect technology for a breath taking 85 knots!

Check out John F. Rodrigues' BENTLEY YACHTS Illuminations! The most revolutionary yacht ever, with A-Foil technology, and more natural light than any other yacht ever conceived.

Looking for next generation machinery and equipment for your Yacht? BENTLEY MARINE CHPC- (Combined Heat Power & Cooling) Mini Turbine Gensets and the unique External Combustion Stirling Cycle CHP Gensets inaugurate a new era of silent power generation on board Mega Yachts and Superyachts.

Only BENTLEY MARINE Aluminum Diesel engines and gas Turbines come equipped with variable speed bolt-on Gensets of 65kW-350kW, which saves fuel and the life of auxiliary Gensets.

BENTLEY YACHTS & BENTLEY MARINE are the world leaders in the Yacht industry and will continue to set the standards & trends for generations to come!

Welcome Aboard!

Learn more inside about this extraordinary Wave Piercing Catamaran new Design by John F. Rodrigues


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