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Giancarlo Zema Design Group

BENTLEY YACHTS is proud to have Italian Naval Architect & Designer Giancarlo Zema onboard our Team!

His studio, which is specialized in the design of innovative semi-submerged structures, is responsible for a new breed of revolutionary yachts that allow sea lovers to experience more of the surrounding environment through the extensive use of natural light in open areas protected by lightweight glass.

Together, working as a Team, we are combining new ideas, engineering challenges and BENTLEY MARINE's advanced electric propulsion systems to change yachting for ever, by blending aesthetics, function, beauty and comfort in a new generation of yachts that bring us all close to the wonderful environment above and beneath the waves.

  The Poseidon 180' is the first of such crafts and it truly represents our vision of "Plaisir en Mer !"(Pleasure at Sea!)


180ft_Poseidon2.jpg (77704 bytes)
180' (55m) BENTLEY YACHTS  Poseidon
(Now also available with SWATH monohull with outriggers ultra wide hull platform)

Designed by: Giancarlo Zema
Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineering: BENTLEY Marine Engineering Team
Delivery: 18 months or less
Price: $50,000,000 (US)
Construction: BENTLEY MARINE Aluminum Magnesium Alloy & Advanced Composites
Beam max: 12 m
Draught: 3.5 m
Engine & Propulsion: Quadruple Bugatti Marine Turbines with Ventilated Water Jets
Fuel Type: Diesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)
Speed max: 40 knots
Fuel capacity: 185,000 litres
Fresch water capacity: 68,000 litres
Guests: 12
Crew: 15

   The revolutionary Poseidon 180 Superyacht features the military developed BENTLEY YACHTS' Air Cavity Hull, a innovative hull Design which offers reduced hydrodynamic drag for about 30% better fuel efficiency than conventional monohulls with unsurpassed seakeeping and stability in heavy seas, making sea sickness a thing of the past!

    Giancarlo Zema's ingenious design with spacious floating decks under a giant glass dome, brings a new interior atmosphere into yachting which cannot be experienced in any other conventional Superyachts. Eight spacious staterooms awaits you inside with floor to ceiling panoramic ocean views. As always, the interior of our BENTLEY YACHTS are a well kept secret only revealed by appointment to prospective buyers, but expect a world of special details and unique features not found in any other yacht.

      BENTLEY MARINE carefully specified a machinery and  propulsion package that works like a dream on the Poseidon 180. The Turbine powered Superyacht is equipped with quadruple BENTLEY Marine high efficiency turbines turning vibration free Ventilated Water Jets for 40 knots +  cruising speeds. Two BENTLEY MARINE BM-M70F turbines rated at 14,500HP  and two BM-M75 turbines rated at 4,500HP, all with interconnected gearboxes, so that one 4,500HP turbine can turn both Ventilated Water jets at slow speeds.  For best fuel efficiency, low speed port maneuvering can be accomplished  by the electric-powered 360 steerable water jet bow and stern thrusters rated at 300HP each. The stern ones work as rudders at cruising speeds.

     The Poseidon 180  also features BENTLEY MARINE mini turbine CHPC (Combined Heat, Power and Cooling) generators, that provide power on demand not only to the 360 steerable water jets, but also to everything else onboard. The CHPC system provides hot water and air conditioning for the whole vessel without the need of compressors or any moving parts. A computer controls the load of the gensets at all times and even turn them on and off as required. Lightweight next generation energy storage devices with high output power and fast recycle times, complete eliminate the use of batteries.

    The Poseidon 180 is a masterpiece of Italian design and a technology showcase from BENTLEY YACHTS.

    Step into the future!

180ft_Poseidon_2.jpg (22273 bytes)

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